This is simply because, each one of us has personal Earlier this week I wrote about Dana White seemingly doomed mission to put on UFC 249, global pandemic be damned. Despite the fact that he lost one of the headlining fighters and the location for the event, White was still determined to host the fight night on April 18.On Tuesday, news broke on how, exactly, he is planning to do it, and how we is going to get around all the pesky states banning large gatherings: He is going to acquire a private island.I not kidding. This is UFC plan.

For many years, Anjali Bhagwat had no equal on the distaff side of shooting, a sport which demands a high degree of excellence in the technical aspects. The first woman to break the glass ceiling in shooting, Anjali proved to be an expert in the 10m Air Rifle and Rifle 3 Position. She has won a mind boggling 31 gold medals, 23 silver medals and seven bronze medals in various international meets such as the SAF Games, Commonwealth Games, Asian Championships, Asian Games and World Cups.

Although, he added, that’s not the only time he thinks it’s important to call parents.”It’s also important to be in contact when things are going well,” he says. “Often it’s so easy to give a call when something is going wrong, but we don’t take the time to call when a student does really well at something.”While Meadows gets ready to greet students for the first day of classes next week, he says he looking forward to his first year at Queens Lake Middle. Sure his motto is firm and consistent, but there another rule he lives by.

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